Gilbert has been a vibrant town ever since its foundation. What once was the Hay Capital of the World, due its extensive farming lands, is now one of the most thriving urban communities in the whole US. Locksmith Gilbert is proud of being at the heart of this beautiful town.
Right after the finishing of the Hoover Dam, Gilbert found itself flooded with people who were all eager to open business in the area. While it is true this was a small community, it was growing at great speed and the construction industry was booming. Locksmith Gilbert started offering door and lock installation for new buildings in the area. After a couple of years we felt confident enough to start offering our services directly to residents and business owners. This proved to be challenging as locksmithing has become a lot more than just installing or opening locks.
We decided to stand up to the challenge and sent our best technicians to New York so they could study the latest locksmithing techniques from the bests in the field. Shortly after, we could open our own locksmith academy in Gilbert, where we send all our apprentices for training.
Today, locksmith Gilbert is the most trusted company in the area. We cover great part of the Maricopa county, including Mesa, Tempe and greater Phoenix.