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Our commercial security services are specifically designed for commercial establishments, since these have different needs than a residential site would, for example. As a thriving, prosperous community, Locksmith Gilbert endeavors to keep the city safe so it can continue being a great place to work and have a family. All the products we offer are specifically designed for each business need. Since every business is a universe in itself, to know exactly yours needs, a full assessment evaluation is required. Our qualified team can arrange a scheduled visit to your premises at the time and date that works the best for you or the security team you have designated to take over the duty of securing your investment.


Once you get in touch with our team, you’re not only getting the highest quality hardware, but also top class treatment from our staff. They are eager to hear all your doubts and inquiries respecting your security. From break-ins to negligence from an employee, we are here to discuss the best options you have to solve your problems.


Locksets Designed Just for You

When designing locksets many things must be taken in account, while some people give more importance to the aesthetic part than the sturdiness, commercial locksets at Locksmith Gilbert are designed specifically to endure the test of time and extreme conditions. Our locks have a very long lifespan and are guaranteed to function correctly if they are serviced as directed by our professionals. Although they are made to be indestructible, there’s always place for some sophistication it the design, as you can observe if you head to our nearest store. Get a good night’s sleep knowing that your company is safe and sound even while you’re not around to see it for yourself.

Ensuring safty Locksmith Gilbert


Prevention and Surveillance

Securing your business with just locks is not enough, sometimes threats come from the inside, not the outside, To prevent delicate situations, it’s best for you to install the latest in surveillance technology for your premises. These can be employed both inside and outside so you get double the protection. It is well known that if your employees feel watched they will be more transparent and efficient in their workplace, and it will save you a lot of money and hassle in the long run.

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